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The three drivers unite to give out a proper, unmatched audio output with almost zero cross-talk between the highs and lows. We have both for our scrutiny and were impressed with what these can do. While the nylon coating helps keep it from knots, it also helps reduce friction from clothes when moving around.5mm headphone jack that allows it to be used with any audio device or smartphone with a headphone out port.’Brought into India are two variants of its in-ear headphones called Triple Driver LTNG. The rated power output is 5mW in total.A variety of tips are included with the headphones and offer a range of silicon and foam tips between 10mm and 14. These earphones are kitchen mats for sale equipped with a dynamic driver that is designed and tweaked by a professional to handle low frequencies.5mm jack version, while the Apple Lightning jack version will cost you Rs 10,999. The bass response is pretty excellent and the mids and highs are neatly defined.Rating: In-ear headphones can’t sound as good as most over-ear headphones. We preferred the foam tips as you can squeeze them to make them fit snug into the ear canal. The in-line controller is designed similarly like the earbuds with a dual-tone colour — silver and black. Though it does not hurt the style quotient as much, the wires could be prone to damage.5mm audio jack can be used with almost every audio player out there, one has to make sure that the player’s output does justice to these earphones. You cannot save edit your preset settings or custom settings and each time you make a tweak to the particular frequency bands, you need to save them as a new profile.The in-line DAC converter basically doubles up as a 5 – in – 1 controller to control your music playback and answer voice calls. The iOS version has a DAC with a built-in 5-way control joystick to set the volume, move between tracks and answer calls. The headphones have a well-balanced and clear audio performance enclosed within a premium build and are possibly one of the best in this price range. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for investing in this set. The cable is braided with nylon, which helps in keeping you out of the knotty situations. An in-line microphone is also provided between the DAC and the right earbud. The in-line DAC includes a High Resolution digital audio converter, and the earbuds together are claimed to be tuned by an expert — a Grammy Award Winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi.As for the performance, we would like to say that the Triple Driver earphones from 1More are almost no match to anything close we have heard till date.5mm to suit most users.The 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones sports three drivers in each earbud.Lastly, the audio quality for voice calls — no complaints here. Here comes in 1More, a little-known company that has set foot in India recently, but well known in China for its audio goods. The iMore looks a bit better than most conventional in-ear models. 1More offers the same with least compromise — comfort, looks and audio. This makes for better quality audio with least amounts of distortion. The sound is crystal clear and loud..

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