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The researchers decided to build a specialized chip from the ground up, developing algorithms to process data, and hardware to carry out that data-processing, in tandem. "With this platform, we can do all kinds of optimizations, which allows tremendous power savings. "If you lift your hand up a little, it would sense that, and start to fly around and film you." He ultimately envisions disaster-response and search-and-rescue missions in which insect-sized drones flit in and out of tight spaces to examine a collapsed structure or look for trapped individuals.Tweaking a formulaSpecifically, the researchers made slight changes to an existing algorithm commonly used to determine a drone’s "ego-motion," or awareness of its position in space.The power savings came partly from modifications to the amount of memory stored in the chip.The new chip processes streaming images at 20 frames per second and automatically carries out commands to adjust a drone’s orientation in space."These experiments are also done in a motion-capture room, so you know exactly where the drone is, and we use all this information after the fact," Karaman says. As a result, the chip itself was able to store less data and consume less power.Standard computer chips for quadcoptors and other similarly sized drones process an enormous amount of streaming data from cameras and sensors, and interpret that data on the fly to autonomously direct a drone’s pitch, speed, and trajectory. Karaman also foresees novel uses in consumer electronics.Memory savingsFor each version of the algorithm that was implemented on the FPGA chip, the researchers observed the amount of power that the chip consumed as it processed the incoming data and estimated its resulting position in space.The key contribution of their work is a new approach for designing the chip hardware and the algorithms that run on the chip. Thus far, they have managed to miniaturize almost every part of a drone, except for the brains of the entire operation — the computer chip. Reducing the number gates with co-design allowed the team to chose an FPGA chip with fewer gates, leading to substantial power savings.Karaman, says the team’s design is the first step toward engineering "the smallest intelligent drone that can fly on its own. The streamlined chip performs all these computations while using just below 2 watts of power — making it an order of magnitude more efficient than current drone-embedded chips."As transistors have gotten smaller, there have been improvements in efficiency and speed, but that’s slowing down, and now we have to come up with specialized hardware to get improvements in efficiency," Sze says.A typical FPGA consists of China Jacquard Rugs manufacturer hundreds of thousands of disconnected gates, which researchers can connect in desired patterns to create specialized computing elements. To formalize this process, they developed a method called iterative splitting co-design that could strike the right balance of achieving accuracy while reducing the power consumption and the number of gates.

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You should feel the muscles working along the hips on the side of both hips. Now, slowly put a foam roller or a cushion in between your knees.Single leg bridge Apply the same technique as bridge pose with foam roller.Side hover and leg abduction with mini loopLie on your right side and raise your body, balancing on your forearm and the edge of the foot.. Over the course of these exercises, one learns to activate deep core muscles, improve posture and align the spine, while reducing the risk China Memory foam Bath Mats wholesale of injury. Hold for as long as you can, and then bring the knees back together. Feel free to choose easier variations by placing the above foot on the floor behind or ahead of the right leg. Aim for 10 repetitions with a maximum hold.Clamps with mini loopLie on your back, getting ready to do the namaste with your feet.Hold for as long as you can and repeat with the other leg. Knees bent, feet together and a mini loop around the knees (slip it on like you would an underwear). What’s more interesting about these exercises is that they’re easy to do and can be done at home.— The writer is a holistic wellness expert, celebrity personal trainer and fitness instructor from Mumbai. You may choose to do this without the band, to make it easier.Follow this by the left coming in towards the right, but do as many steps to your right, and then change to the left. Abduct the leg as much as possible against the mini loop resistance. We start to the right by taking a controlled step as far out as you can, landing the foot on the floor and following with the left leg coming in towards the right. Crab Walk with Mini LoopKeeping your knees slightly bent, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bridge pose with foam rollerLie on your back with your knees bent. Make sure the shoulder and elbow are in one line, your neck and spine are aligned, and your feet are straight.The purpose of these foundation exercises is to assist one with enhanced performance and improved muscular balance. Hold for as long as you can, and then return to the mat and start again.Hold as long as you can and then return to the floor. Try and touch your fingers to your heels, without straining your body.The fast-paced life of today requires one to not just remain fit but also agile, and RAPTfx is a great way of going about improving your foundation for more advanced exercise or routines. Once you’re in the top position, simply extend one leg for as long as you can, and hold that position with both hip bones aligned. Slowly raise your hips as high as you can, squeezing the buttocks in together.Now, slowly engage the buttock muscles as you take the knees away from each, and bring the feet into namaste position. These foundation exercises have been put together after 15 years of combined experience between a team that consists of an occupational therapist, a rehab consultant and several personal trainers. Place the above foot over the right foot. You may choose to lie on your side on the floor, and do your leg abduction as an easier option

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SSDs with Intel Optane memory are the fastest compared to NAND SSDs in the majority of common client use cases. With these platforms, everyday users will be able to launch documents up to two times faster while multitasking, Launch games 60 per cent faster while multitasking and open media files up to 90 per cent faster while multitasking. Compared to a standalone TLC 3D NAND SSD system, Intel Optane memory H10 with solid-state storage enables both faster access to frequently used applications and files and better responsiveness with background activity.2 module enables Intel Optane memory expansion into thin and light notebooks and certain space-constrained desktop form factors – such as all-in-one PCs and mini PCs. With offerings of up to 1TB of total storage, Intel Optane memory H10 with solid-state storage will have the capacity users need for their apps and files today and well into the future..2 form factor. Intel-based platforms with Intel Optane memory adapt to everyday computing activities to optimise the performance for the user’s most common tasks and frequently used applications.8th Generation Intel Core U-series mobile platforms featuring Intel Optane memory H10 with solid-state storage will be arriving through major OEMs starting this quarter.Intel revealed details about Intel Optane memory H10 with solid-state storage, which is an innovative device that combines the superior responsiveness of Intel Optane technology with the storage capacity of Intel Quad Level Cell (QLC) 3D NAND technology in a single space-saver M. The combination of high-speed acceleration and large SSD storage capacity on a single drive will benefit everyday computer users, whether they use their systems to create, game or work.Combining Intel Optane technology with Intel QLC 3D NAND technology on a single M. The new product also offers a higher level of performance not met by traditional Triple Level Cell 3D NAND SSDs today and eliminates the need for a secondary storage device.The Intel Optane memory H10 with solid-state storage will come in the following capacities chair pads storage

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Bellandur Lake in Bengaluru on Tuesday again spewed large quantities of toxic foam, reaching the nearby busy roads. Additionally, aquatic plants too grow in abundance in the waterbody.Constant discharge of untreated sewage has turned the lake, located in the suburb of Bellandur to the southeast of Bengaluru, into one of the most polluted waterbodies around.The NGT had also criticised the Karnataka government for its action plan for the lake. Triggered by heavy rain, the foam, reportedly reached a height of 10 feet in places.. Earlier in 2018, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) termed the condition of the lake as an "environmental emergency" and said that the "sheer callousness and indifference" of the authorities was to blame.A report filed before the NGT had said, "After an almost circumferential tour of the lake, the commission further observed that there is not even one millilitre of clean water in Rabbit Fur Bath Mats manufacturer the lake, but the same was filled up with sewage, effluent, solid waste, weed, debris, etc.," news agency PTI reported.On several occasions, the toxic lake has also caught fire, which led to massive public outrage. Pieces of odoriferous foam carried up in the air also spread through the area creating problems for locals and commuters.The largest lake in the city has been rapidly losing its water capacity as people continue to discard all manner of waste in it, including construction waste, and municipal solid waste

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The three drivers unite to give out a proper, unmatched audio output with almost zero cross-talk between the highs and lows. We have both for our scrutiny and were impressed with what these can do. While the nylon coating helps keep it from knots, it also helps reduce friction from clothes when moving around.5mm headphone jack that allows it to be used with any audio device or smartphone with a headphone out port.’Brought into India are two variants of its in-ear headphones called Triple Driver LTNG. The rated power output is 5mW in total.A variety of tips are included with the headphones and offer a range of silicon and foam tips between 10mm and 14. These earphones are kitchen mats for sale equipped with a dynamic driver that is designed and tweaked by a professional to handle low frequencies.5mm jack version, while the Apple Lightning jack version will cost you Rs 10,999. The bass response is pretty excellent and the mids and highs are neatly defined.Rating: In-ear headphones can’t sound as good as most over-ear headphones. We preferred the foam tips as you can squeeze them to make them fit snug into the ear canal. The in-line controller is designed similarly like the earbuds with a dual-tone colour — silver and black. Though it does not hurt the style quotient as much, the wires could be prone to damage.5mm audio jack can be used with almost every audio player out there, one has to make sure that the player’s output does justice to these earphones. You cannot save edit your preset settings or custom settings and each time you make a tweak to the particular frequency bands, you need to save them as a new profile.The in-line DAC converter basically doubles up as a 5 – in – 1 controller to control your music playback and answer voice calls. The iOS version has a DAC with a built-in 5-way control joystick to set the volume, move between tracks and answer calls. The headphones have a well-balanced and clear audio performance enclosed within a premium build and are possibly one of the best in this price range. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for investing in this set. The cable is braided with nylon, which helps in keeping you out of the knotty situations. An in-line microphone is also provided between the DAC and the right earbud. The in-line DAC includes a High Resolution digital audio converter, and the earbuds together are claimed to be tuned by an expert — a Grammy Award Winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi.As for the performance, we would like to say that the Triple Driver earphones from 1More are almost no match to anything close we have heard till date.5mm to suit most users.The 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones sports three drivers in each earbud.Lastly, the audio quality for voice calls — no complaints here. Here comes in 1More, a little-known company that has set foot in India recently, but well known in China for its audio goods. The iMore looks a bit better than most conventional in-ear models. 1More offers the same with least compromise — comfort, looks and audio. This makes for better quality audio with least amounts of distortion. The sound is crystal clear and loud..

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Legends of the regionWhile we crossed the lush fields of sugarcane, mustard and rice to reach our destination, some ancient sites piqued our curiosity about the compounds spread across the semi-rural city.. It is a popular pilgrim reservoir and devotees congregate here to take a bath because a dip here during the solar eclipse is equated with performing 1000 ashwamedha yagna (horse sacrifices). One can also enjoy the delicious local cuisine like saag-roti, chole-kulcha, chuparustam kebabs and creamy lassi while visiting the city. The beautiful palatial structure is designed by Himmat Singh, the renowned architect and Dada Saheb Phalke winner from Delhi, and vetted by famous Gujrati architect Nimish Patel. One can still find the remains of stupas between the Brahma Sarovara and the Kurukshetra University and anecdotes of Lord Buddha visiting the land of temples and ponds.A must visit near the city is the modern-day marvel called the Noor Mahal, a decade-old palatial haveli in Karnal. The elements of this outlet takes inspiration from the actual train and the menu here comprise of cuisines from the regions through which the train made its initial journey.On the wayFrom history to modern science – be surprised by some interesting tourist attractions like the Kalpana Chawla Planetarium and the Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre located next to Shrikrishna Museum in Thanesar. According to historians, this is the city where Lord Krishna once sermonised the entire Bhagwad Gita to Arjun and guided him during the battle of Mahabharata. The closest railway station is Kurukshetra and the nearest airports are in Delhi and Chandigarh.In Hinduism, the holy book of Mahabharata is regarded as one of the longest epics from ancient India depicting the Kurukshetra war fought between the Kauravas and the Pandava princes.A popular eating spot here is the Frontier mail restaurant, designed as a train compartment inspired by the legendry Frontier Mail express that operated between Mumbai and Peshawar during pre-independence days. Since it’s just three hours drive from Delhi, one can plan a quick visit from the capital and explore the relics of mythology treasured in modern times.Located in Haryana, the quite town of Kurukshetra is a lesser-known pilgrimage for Indian devotees.Plan your visitThroughout the year the town is quite low-key, but in December it gets bustling with the international and local visitors who participate at the International Gita Mahotsav and celebrate the Gita Jayanti to commemorate the heritage of the city. For instance, did you know that the Brahma Sarovar water tank is one of the largest man-made bathing tanks in Asia? And, that it was built by the Kuru kings as this was the land where Brahma performed his first sacrifice. It’s a delightful trail for a history buff, as several monuments and temples that are mentioned in the Mahabharat can still be found here. For those interested in historical tombs, the maqbara of Sufi Saint Sheikh Chehli built during the Mughal era is also an interesting add on in the itineary. The palace endorses the opulent royalty of the Indian maharajas and is built in multi-level format polypropylene Bath Mats with old-school courtyards called the Deewan-e-Aam and Deewan-e-Khas laid out in the Eastern and Western axis respectively. The other famous site is Jyotisar, where Bhagavad Gita was delivered to Arjuna under the sacred Banyan tree, which is still alive and many people come here to meditate under its huge canopy. It is believed that in the ancient India, the Kurukshetra bhumi (aka Dharmakshetra or the holy land) developed between two rivers namely Saraswati and Dhrishadvati spreading over five modern-day districts of Haryana – Kurukshetra, Karnal, Jind, Panipat and Kaithal. Perhaps, you can read up the books before you visit or simply ask the local guides to share stories and facts about the significant spots across the city

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“When you shake a martini, all the ice is moving around and that flakes off into little ice kind of flakes, and that makes the drink super-cold immediately afterwards,” he says.“It brings a completely different experience to the bar. It could be lime, lemon or an orange, and then it is up to you.”.But as the drink sits, all those little bits of ice dilute faster and your drink gets warm faster.”CoupetteFinally, we go to the French-themed cocktail lounge Coupette, which boasts a bar made entirely of old French centime coins. “People have become much more educated in what they’re drinking” and don’t just go for the “obvious choices,” says Anna Sebastian, bar manager at the Artesian bar at the Langham, in London.First, the question every martini drinker wants to know: Shaken or stirred? According to Joe McCanta of Grey Goose Vodka, if you’re going to drink your martini fast like James Bond, then have it shaken. “So in that case, you’ve got the champagne in two different ways into the drink.Artesian at the LanghamSebastian showed The Associated Press her twist on the classic martini.“We cook it overnight in a water bath, and then we add it to the drink,” he says.”We took a recent tour of five London bars to see what’s new in martinis:Scarfes Bar at RosewoodAt the elegant Scarfes bar at Rosewood, a hotel in Holborn, director of bars Martin Siska prepares their Petit DJ Ne Martini, a fun take on the-morning-after-the-night-before, complete with a toasted brioche bun on top. It is like making perfume from scratch.“We serve it with aged balsamic onions as well,” she says. So you have as much flavour as possible. Bartender Patrick Kelleher prepares a sparkling martini with champagne liqueur. It is more of a bespoke service, so we come to the table and literally tailor the martini to you,” he says. He uses vodka as a base, then adds some sugar.London: The martini’s heyday began almost a century ago, but today’s bartenders have some innovative takes on the classic cocktail. Garnish is a mini fig leaf and a spray of fig waterLibrary bar at the nedIn the Library Bar at the private member’s club The Ned, bar manager Anthony Callegari wheels out a trolley to add drama when serving his Star of Bombay martini. “We ask you what gin you like, what vodka you like, what vermouth you like and what garnish. And we also serve it with shaved parmesan cheese by the side, just to complement the flavour and wash out the smell of the alcohol afterwards.”GibsonAt the intimate drinking den The Gibson in East London, head bartender Martina Breznanova gets out her blowtorch to show off the Aged Gibson martini, matured in balsamic vinegar barrels. “These are apple cider balsamic onions which are roasted, and there’s a dash of truffle oil on the top. So if you want to savour your drink, he says, “a stirred martini cocktail will stay much China Memory foam Bath Mats colder, much longer.“The whole idea behind the drink is we try to use all ingredients which you might have for your breakfast, like cereals, orange, milk, chocolate — so it is sort of a funky style and it is very enjoyable and easy to drink,” he says. She calls is the Fig Reviver, and it’s got a woody flavour from whiskey

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You can make them with just a regular selfie or a composition of up to nine photographs, and even vertical compositions of two or three pictures. The platform has a number of customers who back the quality China Waterproof Non-slip pvc Door Mats for sale of products BigBasket offers. With over 50 filters, this photo editing app helps users change facial features and beautify photos. Quite popular among female users, the app offers a seamless TV-like browsing experience with 24+ user-generated channels (catering to varied genres including music to food and travel to spirituality).BigBasket:If you’re tired of buying daily grocery and vegetables from your local shop, BigBasket with its service and interesting discounts is the answer for you. With the added advantage of liking a person’s pictures and content (QA’s), Bumble is a new way of online dating. With 2019 looking bright for everyone, we bring to you the list of top 5 apps which have been used by women the most in the previous year:Roposo:Short video platform Roposo has hyper localised the social media space for users from pan-India with vernacular languages and advanced video creation tools.Indian women have used these mobile apps the most in 2018 and essentially help women by making their lives much easier. Along with dating, Bumble also lets users connect with one another to be friends and for professional networking.Bumble:A dating app which lets only female users make the first contact with matched male users, Bumble does not let conversations get boring. Specially designed for selfies, B612 lets you make collages with your pictures.. The e-commerce app lets you buy your groceries online and ensures delivery within a few hours or a day. A one-stop solution for all your fashion requirements, Nykaa offers regular discounts and stands by the tagline ‘your beauty is our passion’.B612:If you ever wondered how you would look with little different facial features, B612 lets you live your imagination. Moreover, Roposo gives to its users a chance to make money by creating interesting videos and staying actively engaged on the platform.Nykaa:Nykaa is an e-commerce platform which caters to all your make-up and cosmetic needs. With over 850 brands and 1 lakh products, Nykaa prides itself for offering a comprehensive selection of makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrances, bath and body, luxury and wellness products for women. Shah Rukh Khan has been endorsing this product since some time now

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